Caring for your Dutch Oven
Posted by Cooking Outdoors on August 11, 2015

If cared for properly your Dutch oven will perform better and last a life-time.

If your Dutch oven has rust on it or if it's brand new (unseasoned), scrub off rust and wash with soap and water and thoroughly dry.
Coat entire oven inside and out, with vegetable oil or shortening.
Bake for 60mins in kitchen oven or on grill heated to 400°F
Turn off oven or grill and leave dutch oven inside to cool for 30mins

Clean with warm water, avoid using soap
When oven is clean spray with cooking spray and wipe with paper towel
Store in cool dry location

Place folded paper towels between the lid and oven to allow air to circulate.  Store your cast iron oven in a cool, dry place.

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